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Since 2009 I have had a studio at the Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport, along with other artists. This followed my graduation as a very mature student at the Manchester Metropolian University with a first class degree in Fine Art- Printmaking in 2008. During my course I specialised in screen printing.

I subsequently changed over to painting and pastels, using mainly oil during the winter and pastels in the summer when I can work outside and in my garden studio.

My main interests are gardening, nature and travel. I love to visit temples in South East Asia. Architecturally beautiful, their age and atmosphere impress me. This reflects in my paintings.

When painting flowers and vegetation I strive to simplify and abstract what I see. I like to show order in the kind of apparent haphazard growth, but want to give the feeling of ongoing movement and change. Vegetation will strive to grow and multiply. Perhaps my paintings involve an inherent tension.

For me, finding the essence of what I see is always a challenge.

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